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Welcome to Hebraic Heritage! 

The Hebrew Prophets spoke of the restoration of all things through the Messiah to come. Explore with us the heritage of Jews and Christians.

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Did you know that there are many prophecies in the Bible covering a variety of topics, some of which have come to pass and some which are awaiting fulfilment?

The Prophets of Israel:

  • spoke as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit of God

  • called the Jewish people back to God.  

  • spoke about things to come:

    • the coming of a Messiah,

    • salvation and restoration for Israel

    • salvation and restoration for the nations

    • the renewal of earth and the whole of creation

    • judgment upon those who rebel against the God of Israel

The Heritage of both Jews and Christians lies in what is very Hebraic – the Hebrew Scriptures referred to by Jewish people as the Tanakh and by Christians as the Old Testament. This is our joint Hebraic Heritage.

Our task as Hebraic Heritage is to –

  • restore a love for the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob;

  • teach a correct understanding of the message of the Tanakh/Old Testament;

  • teach the truths concerning Messiah;

  • promote Jewish-Christian dialogue;

  • counter antisemitism in the church;

  • maintain healthy relationships with the Jewish community;

  • encourage a return to the message of the Hebrew prophets; and

  • encourage the study of Biblical Hebrew

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