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Steve and Eileen

Hebraic Heritage Teaching is a faith/donation based supported work led by Steve and Eileen Round. They both came to faith more than 40 years ago and have a wealth of experience gained during this period, some positive and some negative as always in life. In both cases they know what it is to have faith severely tested but to overcome. The Almighty brought them together and they married in 2007. They have been through much, both individually and together, which has prepared them 'for such a time as this'. The Lord tasked them with this teaching ministry in 2017 having been encouraged to do so by Howard Morgan, a

visiting conference speaker and founder of Kingdom Ministries. Their desire is always to have a deeper walk with God and be led by the Holy Spirit, the Ruach HaKodesh. Steve is a locally recognised bible teacher with a prophetic edge gained over many years of bible teaching initially among young people. He is from Preston, Lancashire,UK. His particular interest is in the area of Old Testament and Biblical Judaism. He is currently undertaking an online Jewish-Christian Studies course with Kings Evangelical Divinity School. Eileen is originally from Banbridge in Northern Ireland. Steve and Eileen had a very clear call from the G-d of Israel to move from the North-West of England to the North-East and are now based in Gateshead where they attend King's Church.

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